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FOUR SECRETS OF SPIKE APPROACH - Volleyball Drills and More

Volleyball Spike Approach In this report we break down volleyball spike approach to four categories. 1) 4- Step Approach. A right handed player takes a step with a right foot (step 1), then another step with a left foot (step 2) and finally ”the plant” (step 3 and 4) to perform a jump. 2) Setting Up ”the Plant”.

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The volleyball approach for hitting is also called the spike approach and is done by a spiker who takes 3 or 4 steps to a ball in the air before hitting it. The Volleyball Approach - Three Steps When using a three-step spike approach if you're a right handed hitter you'd step on your left foot first. (Penn State News)

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Tips for the Volleyball Spike Approach. Volleyball approaches and strategies to jump high and hit hard. Particularly if you're a coach, you may have noticed many players have different styles of hitting. Some players approach left-right-left. Some players approach right-left-right. Some players swing both arms back before the jump to hit.

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To spike a volleyball, position yourself behind the 10-foot line and watch the setter so you can move quickly when the ball comes over the net. Make sure to be in the correct stance, facing the ball with knees bent at a 30 degree angle toward the net. When you are ready to strike, approach the net and jump as the ball falls into position.

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For a left handed hitter, the 4 step approach is left foot, right foot, left foot, then right foot. Point of Contact. The ball should be contacted reaching up high with the arm straight, elbow extended. The contact should be made reaching directly above or slightly in front of the body.

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The 3 step approach is the same as the 4 step except you take 1 less step. The order of steps are left-right-left. The 3 step approach is often used in place of the 4 step approach. Also, the 3 step volleyball spike technique is sometimes used for lower quicker sets. 2 Step Volleyball Approach The 2 step approach is mainly done by players hitting quick sets. For example, when a middle hitter approaches to hit a quick 1 set, often the player just takes the last 2 steps.

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One way to generate this power is to focus on slightly arching your back after you jump, opening your chest, then swinging through the ball while closing your chest. Incorporating your core along with your fast swing speed generates a far more powerful spike. Step 5. Align the Ball With Your Shoulder.

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The volleyball spike approach is a set number of steps, usually a three-step approach or a four-step approach that a player makes to gather the speed and gain forward momentum needed to get in the air to make contact with the ball at its highest point.