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Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball? - Flex Active Sports

So, can you kick the ball in volleyball? Absolutely! It’s perfectly fine to kick the ball in volleyball. In fact, you can play with any part of your body. So, as long as you contact the ball once, you can use a leg, arm, foot, or head.

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Yes, you can kick the ball in volleyball. According to the FIVB, rule 9.2.1 “The ball may touch any part of your body”. So in reality, you can hit the ball with your foot all the time. If you can kick the ball, why don’t players do it more often? Like I said at the beginning, you can kick the ball with your foot all the time.

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A ball hit into the net, by a team may still be kept in play (up to 3 hits) provided that the net is not touched by a player. Players may not touch the net. If 2 opposing players touch the net simultaneously, the ball is declared dead and is replayed. LEGAL PLAY. The ball must be returned over the net in 3 hits or less.

Can the ball hit the net on a serve in volleyball?

Can the ball hit the net on a serve in volleyball? As of 2001, if the ball touches the net on a volleyball serve, this is a completely legal serve. Prior to this rule, the ‘let’ serve allowed players to attempt a second service when the ball touched the net and rolled into play.

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With both arms stretched up, bring your hitting hand back by bending your arm at the elbow. Your hand should be open and... Your hitting arm swings over the top of the ball and makes contact with the ball high up on it. When you make contact with the ball, snap your wrist down to get the ball to ...

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Hits can be legal or illegal, depending on the situation. For example, a team can only hit the ball three times before it must go over the net to the opponent's side. A fourth hit is illegal. However, a block does not constitute a hit, so in that situation a team can block a shot and then hit it three more times.

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If an opponent hits the ball into one of your defenders heads, and the ball happens to bounce straight up on your side of the court: That’s fair game (and a chance for your team to score a miraculous point). Playing the ball with your head in volleyball, intentionally or accidentally, is a completely legal move.

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So in a perfect play, your passer takes the serve and sends it to your setter. Your setter, sets the ball to a hitter, and the hitter spikes the ball over the net. The most effective way to do this is with proper hand technique. But the rules allow the ball to touch any body part on a single player once.