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Tennis Tip: The Right Distance To The Ball - YouTube

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7 Easy Steps to a Powerful Forehand | Tennis Uni

The distance to the ball must not be too big or too small. Tennis players often have the problem that they hit the ball too late, i.e. too close to their body. From there it is then difficult to hit a controlled forehand. When contacting the ball, the racket head should be approximately parallel to the net.

Tennis Forehand Technique | Why NOT to PULL Buttcap Toward ...

Click For Free Video: http://www.topspeedtennis.com/tennis-lag-and-snap-technique/ Tennis Forehand Technique | Why NOT to PULL Buttcap Toward Ball (Top Speed...

Ideal Tennis Forehand Contact Point And 6 Drills To Master It

6 Drills For Finding The Ideal Forehand Contact Point. The following tennis drills can be applied to any forehand grip even though the contact point differs for a continental, eastern, semi-western or western grip. The only thing that the player needs to focus on is whether he feels good energy transfer and good “contact” with the ball.

Tennis Tip: Add 15mph To Your Forehand - Play Your Court ...

Things like step into the ball, or – make sure you transfer your weight into your shot. These are OK tips BUT… they’re not going to get to the root of the problem and solve the real issue that’s preventing you from generating more power on your forehand. There is one piece to this equation that a lot of players and coaches overlook.

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Tennis Forehand Technique - 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand ...

The following tennis lesson helps you develop the modern forehand technique, which allows you to hit forehands with effortless power while maintaining high consistency of your shots. Most tennis players struggle with forehands when they have to finish short balls or when they try to dictate the rallies from the baseline because they don’t know […]

Section 01 - The Forehand Contact Point Explained - FTP Tennis

The ideal contact point of the forehand varies depending on what grip is used. The ideal contact point is the position where, as the racquet swings forward, it gets into a vertical position without any movement of the wrist or forearm. An Eastern Forehand grip puts the ideal contact point lower and closer to the body then a semi-western grip.

10 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Forehand - Tennis 4 Beginners

The very first time you swung at a tennis ball, chances are it was a forehand shot. Topspin or slice spin aside, the motion of the arm swing probably did not take much time to get used to. The forehand stroke is performed in a low-to-high forward motion. Start in the ready position facing the net with your knees slightly bent.