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Specialist rugby boots are generally wider than football boots. This is because in rugby, you do not have to kick the ball as regularly and a larger boot provides you with the extra power needed. Football boots are designed to be narrower as you will need a product more lightweight and slimline, allowing for intricate footwork.

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Football Boots vs Rugby Boots. Not everyone has the luxury to spend on dedicated shoes for every single sport. That’s why people often wonder if it’s possible to interchange football boots and rugby boots given that both have studs and can very well be worn by players. In plain view, one can say that there’s not that much difference.

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Rugby cleats vary depending on the position of the player. Forwards usually wear higher topped rugby cleats that resemble boots to protect the ankles from oncoming rucks and mauls. Rugby shoes are generally heavier than soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are made to be extremely light to allow players speed and accuracy while kicking the ball.

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Soccer cleats are also known as studs in some places. Soccer and Rugby require these cleats as it involves the players to run to grass or hard turfs. According to the requirement of each sport, the cleats are different. Rugby cleats are molded from leather as fitting is an important factor for the player.

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well i dont even know if Miki (the person who started this post) is even still here, so sorry man but we need some input before we can help, all soccer cleats are legal for rugby that im aware of. personally, i swear by the Adidas Copa's. best boot ever made. if nothing else, just get a boot with kangaroo leather uppers in my opinion. i just ordered a pair of World Cup's, which is just a ...

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They are exactly the same for backs, both are light and good for kicking. For forwards however, rugby boots have bigger studs and more padding around the ankle area for added protection in rucks. Soccer boots would be perfect for your position or rugby boots specifically made for backs. 8.

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The smaller football boot is designed around the shape of the foot from a more detailed perspective, whereas rugby boots pay less attention to the outline of the foot. This means it will be harder for players to angle their foot in a way so that the ball goes where they want it to go, in the way that they want it to go.

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2. Football boots are low-cut, which means very little if any ankle support. 3. Your toes would get stomped on (soft toe = NO protection) All in all, the wearer should base his/her boot decision on where they play, not on how shiny their boots look. Oh, and the Air Legends are NOT discontinued.

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Rugby Boots vs Football Boots The main issue to consider is the compromise between feel and protection from the upper. Football boots highly prioritise feel over protection, meaning that football boots are generally lighter and definitely help you to kick with greater accuracy, so can be worth considering if kicking is a regular part of your game.