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The libero must wear a uniform shirt or jersey that is service position to serve. The libero is allowed to replace any player in a back row position, and, in one rotation, the libero may replace a player in the


NFHS VOLLEYBALL JERSEY RULES (2021-22) RULE 4-2-1: ART. 1 . . . All uniforms shall adhere to the following: a. Uniform tops [with the exception of the libero (4-2-2)] shall be like-colored and unifor m bottoms shall be like-colored. b. Uniforms shall be worn as the manufacturer intended.

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2. By any legal teammate on the bench (excluding the libero or libero replacement), regardless of previous position played; 3. By a libero if no other possible substitute exists. • When no longer playing as a libero, that player must wear the same uniform as his/her teammates. • The team will continue to play with no libero. www.nfhs.org

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4-1-4 (NEW): Allows the use of a molded protective face mask made of hard material during play. Rationale: Creates consistency with other NFHS rules codes. 7-1-1; 7-1-1 PENALTIES; 7-1-1 PENALTIES 2 (NEW); 9-9-1a (NEW); 10-3-7b: Eliminates the loss of rally/point penalty for failure to submit the team roster during the prematch conference and replaces the penalty with an unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card).


Rules Reminder COACHES CONDUCT ON INFLUENCING DECISIONS §NFHS Volleyball Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8C states that it is unsporting like conduct for a coach to attempt to “influence a decision by a referee”. Coaches that visually signal line calls will be subject to sanctions as outlined in NFHS Rule 12-2-8C. This does not

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For NFHS and NCAA rules only, the libero may be designated as the floor captain. In order to be immediately recognizable on the court, the libero wears a different jersey from the rest of the team. Their jersey must be contrasting in color with the other team members’ jerseys and must have a visible legal number on the front and back.

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During the set, the libero tracker shall: Players on the serving team may take action to prevent receivers from seeing contact of the serve or path of the served ball. The libero can replace a disqualified player. A player shall not re-enter the set during the same dead ball in which that player was substituted.

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New rules for the libero, needed to be changed to coincide with the libero now being eligible to serve. Libero replacement can't take place during a re-serve.Reason the change...A re-serve is part of an attempt to serve. This rule is consistent with requests for substitutions, time-out and rotation check - no requests shall be recognized until after the ball has been served.