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In a league of your own - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

in a league of (one's)/its own. (redirected from in a league of your own) in a league of (one's)/its own. Completely superior to others of one's or its kind. As a lawyer, Janice is truly in a league of her own. The reigning Super Bowl champions continue to play as if they're in a league of their own.

Urban Dictionary: out of your league

1. in a situation where you no chance of succeeding, especially due to lack of skills. 2. a situation as described above. That Position is out of your league. by Light Joker May 02, 2006. Flag. Get a out of your league mug for your barber Trump. 3.

BE OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE | meaning in the Cambridge English ...

be out of your league definition: 1. to be too good or too expensive for you: 2. to be too good or too expensive for you: . Learn more.

How to Know Your League in Dating Terms: Focus on What Truly ...

Your league are those things important to you. And if you want to date within your league, you want someone with similar morals, who wants the same things out of life. You want to date someone who loves to travel, loves to be outdoors, wants kids, and maybe loves to clean.

Out of My League - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Although it can be used in other situations, this phrase is very often applied to romantic partners who are more attractive, wealthy, famous, etc. I can't believe that average-looking guy is dating a supermodel—she is totally out of his league! 2.

What is the difference between " "I'm out of your league ...

you're out of my league means you are better than me. I'm out of your league means I'm better than you. it has to do with social status, for example a bartender may have a lower social status than an executive of a company.

How to Tell if She Is out of Your League (with Pictures ...

A girl or woman being "out of your league" means different things to different people. Conventionally, this phrase primarily refers to looks and whether or not the woman you're interested in outranks you. However, most women won't...

Urban Dictionary: Out of my league

a person who is not in your classsocial,physical,etc. i like to court her but she's out of my league i bet she would never date a ordinary guy like me by Nery May 10, 2008

Dating in Your League Is a Myth | InStyle

And somewhere in the cauldron with all that is a “league.”. Dating based on a league system is simply noting this data, making a judgment call as to how it stacks up against your own, and ...